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Thankyou City, Brothers, Producers and all round gentlemen, are no strangers to the Australian electronic music scene.


Determined to make music that’s difficult to place into any specific genre, they have solidified a trademark sound that blends elements of techno, house and disco whilst enthusiastically injecting a healthy amount of “wonk" as they put it.


Always striving to make their music sound as organic and characteristic as possible they are continually pushing themselves in the studio to craft tracks that are not only designed to inspire but also made to make your nose scrunch and your feet stomp. Their latest EP "Analogue Odyssey" released through LA based label Sol Selectas saw the boys reach new heights when they broke the top 10 Beatport charts, peaking at number 6 upon its release, leaving them both with a great sense of gratitude whilst paying homage to their name.


“The name is all about gratitude, we're grateful for every party we’ve had the opportunity to play and the places we have been able to see, the name is our way of saying thank you, thank you for having us and supporting us in what we love to do most” they gleefully state.