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Fun, innovative art is at the heart of Festival 23

Explore the unique venue to find all sorts of hidden art and experimental adventures. Indoors and out, day and night. We've curated spaces to evoke playful and joyful moments for us all to share - expect the unexpected.  

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Come on an ethereal and atmospheric journey into Cloudland Chill Space and immerse yourself in a panoramic multi-sensory experience. Revisit the magic of cloud gazing, in a dreamscape of luminescent clouds and ambients. Rest, chat and take a moment to reflect with friends while you escape into an imagined world of sounds, sights and senses. 


In this installation, nature, technology and sound collide. Intermittently throughout the weekend Cloudland’s immersive sound and light show will be played within the space. In collaboration with sound artist and music therapist Katerina Stathis, Cloudland’s immersive sound and light installation invites you to lie down and relax as your imagination crescendos to kaleidoscopic sound and light. Be transported through the clouds as you explore, reflect and wonder. 




Benjamin KNOCK is a multi sensory artist working in a multitude of forms such as large scale mural painting, Virtual reality and multi sensory installations. His work has been presented both locally and internationally in various galleries and as large-scale outdoor installations.

Working from his Melbourne-based studio, KNOCK is currently exploring how to best represent different geological patterns using forward thinking techniques and technology. His work has shown at Backwoods Gallery (VIC) QBANK Gallery (TAS) GSA London (UK) BnA Art Lab (JP) NEUWEST (GER) and he has partnered with brands including Suntory, Atomic and NIKE on various projects.


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Spencer is a generative artist who explores life through the lens of cellular automata. His work is rooted in fundamental elements of existence, which evolve into complex and immersive realms. Spencer uses interactive simulations to create projection artworks that are simple and aesthetically pleasing, but also raise big philosophical questions.


In his latest work, "No Data," he explores the impact of changing abstract forms and their connection to music, using algorithmic chaos and improvisation to control millions of particles. The resulting forms emergently mimic aspects of organic life, revealing the common roots between the simulation and real life.



Zod is a Melbourne-based art wizard, sculptor and true believer in the rave. He considers art to be modern culture’s medicine and up-cycles materials to create masterpieces beyond belief. Here’s a flashback to his Strawberry Fields 2018 stage. Don’t miss his unique collaborative creation with R Type L (Japan) and Lukaz Reblits (Garbicz Festival) at Festival 23. 


NICK AZIDIS is an Australian born new media artist and projection illusionist specialising in large-scale projections in both digital and analogue mediums, and has compiled a diverse body of work over nearly three decades as a producer, content developer/creator and technician. Nick is interested in storytelling and creating eternal memories and changing viewer’s perceptions through his work, through image and light.


Nick has delivered projections for the Gertrude Projection Festival,Melbourne White Night, ANZAC centenary on the NGV, Melbourne International Music Week, Melbourne Biennale, and Australian Open Tennis championships. Nick has also been an integral part of large-scale crowd-pleasing projections at music festivals in Australia and Europe, from aesthetically beautiful pieces in abstract scenic projections, to projection mapping stages for many events.


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Marc Pascal sees his work and play with lasers as colour therapy to guide dancers through the immersive experience of the senses.  The uplifting and interactive real time colour saturated light of the lasers serves as an ever changing visual guide through the darkness.  


In a playful interaction with the DJ, Marc creates a unique, spontaneous atmosphere, creating positive revelations for all dance floor participants.  The ephemeral light, intuitively played, creates lasting echoes of memories.

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Fizzyokie is a karaoke singalong love zone. The fabulous Fizzy Fingers will be hosting a singing dance floor, dress up space and a stage full of the world's most colourful back up dancers.


Fresh from performances across the European festival scene, Fizzy and a host of psychocharismatic performers create a safe and exciting opportunity to let it all hang out and get down to your favourite hits. Come make a splash!


Eaao creates artworks that explore the intersection of light, color, and form. Eaao's current practice centers on capturing the reflections of light on the surface of water, using the interplay of rippling patterns and shimmering tones to abstract the subject and create a sense of movement and dynamism.

Eaao's intention is to showcase the contemporary color palettes and aesthetics that can be found in nature, using the camera as a tool to highlight the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Through their work, Eaao demonstrates that humanity is not removed from nature, but rather works within its architecture, and that contemporary aesthetics can be found in the natural world as we work within its palette.


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